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The Nymphs Rejected Album Cover

Back in the 90’s, I got to know the lead singer for The Nymphs. She was a comics fan and was inspired by my work. She rented a limo and visited me in my Jersey City tenement apartment and asked me to draw the album cover for The Nymphs first album. She described what she wanted: artwork that would work as a frame from a photo of the band. I was happy to do it and sent her the work. Instead of using it as an album cover she gave the art to a local L.A. rock newspaper that used it as a frame for an interview with her, or maybe it was an article. All I have left of it is this shitty Xerox. When the album finally came out it had a drawing on the cover by her. A drawing that looked a lot like my art at the time. That’s rock and roll!

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