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SpongeBob in Randomland Drawings

After I wrote the SpongeBob in Randomland episode in late January of 2018 (which aired on Sept. 21st 2019), show runners Marc and Vincent asked me to design the neighborhood of Randomland in my cartoon style. Randomland is a crazy screwball place that was inspired by Bob Clampett’s “Porky in Wackyland” cartoon. So I drew 3 background designs and two pages of weird characters. I also gave permission to the storyboard director/artist Fred Osmond and the Supervising director Adam Paloian to ransack through my old comics and use whatever they liked (which they did).  You’ll notice that the backgrounds and buildings in these drawings are pretty dense. I just tried to pack in as much as I could and told Peter the art director to take apart and spread out the elements otherwise it will all look too busy. As it is, the cartoon is very busy and rewards multiple viewings. Of course the final cartoon is in color and I discussed the kinds of color I liked and then left it up to the art director. Enjoy!

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