bat rat

Of all the major superheroes Batman is the most fetishistic: the mask, the cape, the bat logo with the wings, the darkness. There is also all the S/M gear: the ropes, pulleys, weapons, and the Bat Cave as dungeon. And let’s not forget the sadistic desire to punish criminals. He’s also the most fun to draw. So it made sense that Creep Rat would want to be Bat Rat. My favorite Batman artists are the more cartoony ones: Bob Kane, Bill Finger, Jerry Robinson, and Dick Sprang (one of the great dick names). I love art spiegelman’s quote about Batman:“ When I was a kid, Batman was my favorite superhero because I couldn’t figure out if he was a good guy or a bad guy. Frank Miller is still trying to figure that out.”


Single Panel Gag Cartoon

Here’s my attempt at doing a single panel gag cartoon. When I was 16 I got it into my head that I would be a single panel gag cartoonist. I figured that getting paid for doing one drawing was much better than getting the same pay for for a multi-panel comic strip (and would take

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Little Wuss

Here’s a way-too sketchy comic strip I did straight in ink. It looks like I may have drooled on the first panel blotting some of the ink lines. This is a typical Underworld joke that I’ve done a couple of times. Something that seems scary and aggressive turns out to be a turn on. I

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Underworld Book

Order “The Underworld: From Hoboken to Hollywood” the omnibus collection of the very best of the strip’s 23-year run, with annotations, photos, and other surprises from the author (along with a foreword by Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell).