Born in Hoboken, New Jersey (that’s not a joke) Kaz studied cartooning in New York City with Art Spiegelman and Harvey Kurtzman. After contributing comics to many publications (including Raw, Weirdo, Details, and Screw) he launched his weekly alternative newspaper comic strip, Underworld in 1992 (for which he won France’s Hergé Award). In 2001, Kaz began writing on Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon show. Since then he’s written for Cartoon Network’s Camp Lazlo (for which he won an Emmy) and Disney’s Phineas and Ferb (nominated for an Emmy). Coming full circle, Kaz has rejoined the crew of SpongeBob and is currently on the writing staff knocking out new episodes. Oh, and he still draws Underworld (read them here on the website – sign up below to be alerted when new Underworld is published)!

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  1. eh… just happened to walk past a really old Kaz strip up on my refrigerator. love his stuff! hadn’t known of his Visual Arts nyc school connection; so logical!
    (a friend currently teaches there. back in the day most of my friends went there or had; I’d gone to art school in another state, did my own strip for awhile.)

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