new yorkers

This first panel was an incident that I read about being a true story. A New Yorker slips on ice, another person offers help and the New Yorker says “fuck you.” I just had some fun and pushed it to the ridiculous. I was looking at the cartoonist, Milt Gross when I drew this. I felt a strip like this needed a more sketchy, breezy drawing style to get you in and out of the panels as quickly as possible — but still have some funny looking characters. And before any New Yorkers get bent out of shape I want you to know that I lived in Manhattan for close to 20 years and I know New Yorkers can be kind — but I also know the knee jerk “fuck you” attitude that comes from being squished on an overpopulated concrete island.


Single Panel Gag Cartoon

Here’s my attempt at doing a single panel gag cartoon. When I was 16 I got it into my head that I would be a single panel gag cartoonist. I figured that getting paid for doing one drawing was much better than getting the same pay for for a multi-panel comic strip (and would take

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Little Wuss

Here’s a way-too sketchy comic strip I did straight in ink. It looks like I may have drooled on the first panel blotting some of the ink lines. This is a typical Underworld joke that I’ve done a couple of times. Something that seems scary and aggressive turns out to be a turn on. I

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Underworld Book

Order “The Underworld: From Hoboken to Hollywood” the omnibus collection of the very best of the strip’s 23-year run, with annotations, photos, and other surprises from the author (along with a foreword by Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell).