purse snatch

This is a good example of a silly Ernie Bushmiller Nancy-style gag transposed into an Underworld setting. Of course a tough guy like Underworld’s Sam Snuff throwing away the contents of a stolen purse only to proudly wear the stylish purse prancing down a sidewalk makes no sense — but it made me laugh so I did it. This could add depth to the character for future comic strips. Maybe Sam Snuff has a hidden and shameful love of fashion that can only be satisfied through crime. In this strip Snuff snatches the purse from Mother Maw, a character that has played his mother in past comics strips. This adds a whole new dimension to the act (i.e. did he always covet the purse?, is he doing a parody of his mom in the last panel?). Note that Creep Rat does a puff-of-smoke springing-in-the-air Mutt and Jeff reaction shot in the last panel.


Single Panel Gag Cartoon

Here’s my attempt at doing a single panel gag cartoon. When I was 16 I got it into my head that I would be a single panel gag cartoonist. I figured that getting paid for doing one drawing was much better than getting the same pay for for a multi-panel comic strip (and would take

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Little Wuss

Here’s a way-too sketchy comic strip I did straight in ink. It looks like I may have drooled on the first panel blotting some of the ink lines. This is a typical Underworld joke that I’ve done a couple of times. Something that seems scary and aggressive turns out to be a turn on. I

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Underworld Book

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